How does your company compare to competitors in working capital management?

Request a free benchmark analysis and find out now!

We'll analyse your company’s financials based on publicly available data and produce an analysis, including:

  • Operative net working capital breakdown and development
  • Turnover days of different working capital components (Accounts Payable, Inventory, Accounts Receivable)
  • Balance sheet development
  • Balance sheet structure

Then, we compare your numbers to your main competitors', including:

  • ONWC / Sales %
  • EBITDA %
  • ROCE %

ONWC = Operative Net Working Capital
ROCE = Return on capital employed
DPO = Days payable outstanding
DIS = Days in stock
DSO = Days sales outstanding

Please see the example benchmark analysis below: 

Capacent ONWC benchmark analysis
DPO, DIS, DSO Capacent benchmark analysis


Why should I request the benchmark?

  • Gain insight on which NWC areas your company is thriving and/or trailing in
  • Understand the trends in supplier and purchasing payment terms for your industry
  • Receive an expert analysis of your company’s profitability from a balance sheet perspective

Who can ask for the benchmark? 

  • Top Management (CxO, VPs, Business area directors) and board members 
  • Companies operating within Finnish borders
  • Companies with an annual revenue > 50 mEUR

What happens after I have requested the benchmark?

Our expert will contact you in within one working day after you have sent the benchmark request. Our expert will arrange a 30 minute remote meeting in which he/she will go through the analysis together with you (and your colleagues), to talk about which areas in our opinion need more attention and further analysis.